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  • Are the Rocks susceptible to weather?
    Our Rocks are made with Lime Stone, a naturally rugged stone, that can sustain being outdoors.
  • My rock was chipped or damaged is shipping, what do I do?"
    As these are durable stones it is rare that damage occurs but Murphy's Lay will prevail and accidents happen. Please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can remedy the problem. Contact us under the Contact Tab. We will need a picture of issue, mostly so we can discuss with our shipping team to try avoid for our next shipment. We will pull another stone and have a replacement as soon as possible.
  • My organization has a custome logo, can that be placed on a stone?"
    Yes! We truly enjoy the customs rock projectsas to meet your needs. Please send as much information about the design as possible throught he custom page, typically looking for the image in "TIG?" format. However we can work off of whatever format is available.
  • Are you limited in size of stones you can design and ship?
    No limit to what we can and have produced for our supporters. We can install and deliver large stones that require installation. We can also conduct a site visit to help ensure the correct stone is selected for your design.
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