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ROCK the USA is dedicated to delivering an American-Made product that will stand the test of time. While displaying the things that matter to you, you are simultaneously giving back to America’s greatest heroes, our United States Veterans; 10% of profits are donated to Veteran supported organizations. Current inventory is dedicated to our Founder’s Alma Mater, West Point, and our adversary, The Naval Academy, but our scope does not end there... ROCK the USA has the ability to customize rocks and wood of any shape or size to bring your ideas to life.  We are officially licensed to produce the logos on our site by the Collegiate Licensing Company.  We understand the craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail it takes to create quality work, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with nothing short of an exceptional product.


ROCK the USA is a Veteran Owned and Operated company founded by Jeremy Jonas. A native of Harrison, OH, he grew up the son of an entrepreneur and was raised with a strong sense of moral values, patriotism, creativity, and a “work hard, play hard” attitude. When he entered his junior year of high school, he began to be recruited for football by several schools, including West Point. After much thought and family discussion, Jeremy made the commitment to further his education at the United States Military Academy. He had a little catching up to do due to his fun-loving nature, so he began his first year at USMA Preparatory School in 2005 and proceeded to attend West Point from 2006-2010. During his time there, he was a successful long snapper for the Black Knights and an outstanding rock math student and devoted STAPPER...he notably excelled as a catalyst to the aging process for his parents.  He graduated in 2010 as “The Goat," and remains a dedicated fan and alumni. After graduation, he became an active defender of our country, deploying to Mosul, Iraq and Paktika Province, Afghanistan.  Jeremy re-entered the world as a civilian in 2015, and began his career in the corporate world. His desire to support and give back to his Veteran brothers and sisters, however, remained unfulfilled. His career eventually led him back to his family and friends in Cincinnati in 2018, and he found himself spending hours after work at his Dad’s business. He became re-inspired, and eventually the idea for ROCK the USA was born.

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